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Brochure, Poster Design Singapore

By incorporating design thinking and user experience strategies, our creative and communication design team goes the extra mile to reach out to your audience. Jehm Studio design services covers the entire gamut of print collaterals, ranging from corporate stationery, posters, flyers, brochures, product catalogs, annual reports to print advertisements and product packaging.

What is visual communication design?

Visual communication design commonly known as graphic design is a form of communication through 2-diemensional visual aids. Often began with a key message to be delivered. Conceptual thinking of using graphic and text mainly to deliver the key message to the audience in the simplest way as possible. It usually comprises of symbols, colors, typography, images, photography, illustrations to achieve the overall impact.

Visual communication/graphic design materials can come in many forms. Depending on the different needs and requirements by the company. The main purpose is to deliver the key message to educate consumer on your service/product. Each campaign may be big and small, it may be just one campaign or several campaigns running at an allocated time frame/period.

At Jehm Studio, we provide graphic design services for marketing in Singapore. Going the extra mile to achieve each of your goals and milestones. We aim to combine research, strategy and design to create original and unrivalled designs to accomplish your business goals.

Promotional Ads: Poster, Flyer, Mural Design

Coming up with promotional Ads and to broadcasting it to your target audience is indispensable without a proper communicative design. Usually serving different channels; magazine, newspaper, tv, web to a wider target audience.

Its usually comes in the form of 1 page creatives, to draw attention and deliver the core message. Such Ads are preferred to be image dominated follow by short and crisp message or just typography alone as viewer attention span is low. Basically anything within a page view to capture your audience attention.

Posters, flyers, murals design comes into this category. Designed to be informative, simple and straight to the point. Explored with us the endless possibilities of a attention-grabbing poster, flyer and mural design.

Brochure Design

Also known as pamphlet, leaflet or booklet. Usually to showcase a company/firm services or profile. Brochure comes in the form of more than 2 pages. Normally seen as booklet format like catalog design, booklet design or a simple tri-fold brochure.

A brochure design should comprises of:

  1. Your objectives
  2. Services/Products you are selling
  3. Clear and easy to read
  4. Design for your target audience

Brochure are widely needed and commonly used in different industry. Its provide the firm’s details and explanation of product and services. Educating and encouraging client to know more and increase the level of confidence in purchasing. i.e beauty industry brochure, where product and services requires more info-graphic and text explanation. A Real-estate or realty brochure would comprises of more 3d visuals of buildings and interior  in the design than text and explanation.

Spacing out content and story-telling in a brochure encourage viewer to gain more interest in finishing reading the entire content. A product catalog should also be simplified and categorized for easy viewing. With technology, we also seen a rise in demand for e-brochure. Its is best to have both to cater to different market segment. Get yourself equipped with us today on designing your own stunning brochure!

Corporate/Business Stationery Design

For a start-up company, a business stationery is very important as it is the basis and a brand image for your business. A very minimum corporate stationery would consist of letterhead, corporate stamp, envelope and a business card. Remember, everything given out from the company represent the company/firm image. Looking professional will only value adds to your brand image.

Financial Publication Design

Being one of the prestigious company in Singapore. A copy of your corporate profile design, annual reports design, sustainability report design and memorandum are often made available for download online. Helping your potential investors, clients and stakeholders view through your information with exciting info-graphic and simplified layout is now never boring.

Powerpoint Presentation Design

Capture your audience attention from the start to end with our well-designed powerpoint presentation slides. Convert your information into concise text with attractive infographic, chart and images to help your audience better understand your product/services and keep them captivated.

Product Packaging Design

A well product packaging not only look good aesthetically, function well to offer protection but also stand out from the competition. We analyses the current market design and trends and seek to improve and improvised better solution for our clients. From research, designing your packaging, preparing die-line for manufacturing,  you can count on our expertise in improving your product packaging.

What we do?


  • Magazine Ads
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Flyers
  • Brochure
  • Product Catalog
  • Web Banner
  • Digital Media
  • Food Menu
  • Realty Brochure

Corporate Stationery

  • Letterhead
  • Corporate Stamp
  • Envelope
  • Business Card
  • Invitation Card
  • Greeting Card
  • Calendar
  • Labels
  • Paper Bag
  • Presentation Folder

Design Capabilities

Market Research and Analysis
Visual Comminication Design/ Graphic Design
Competitive Adavantage Analysis
Image Editing
3D Visuals

We are not limited to the above design capabilities. Speak to us for more information!

Large format

  • Poster
  • Wall Murals
  • Banners
  • Vehicle Livery
  • Billboards


  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Gift
  • Luxury

Financial Publication

  • Publication Design
  • Annual Reports
  • Company Profile
  • Memorandum

Project Portfolio