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Visual Merchandising / Window Display

A window display displays items which are on sale, featured or new. Many retailers recognise the importance of having Window Displays to attract customers into their retail shops.

A good window display can draw the attention of passersby and bring them closer to the product or visit the retail store. As consumers spend time looking at the product and indirectly the brand product awareness is also generated and the possibility of purchases is increased. Window display is now often seen as an art as it takes time to conceptualize, create and install. Not only does the display have to be attractive, it must also represent the brand and the product effectively.

A window display is usually changed every month or based on season, to attract frequent shoppers or create awareness for new products.

The very basic of window decoration should incorporate the use of stickers and backdrops. In some cases, the fabrication of large-format backdrop is necessary to utilise window space.

Production materials can come in the form of wood, acrylic, boards, metal, polymer etc. Depending on each individual design, laser cutting or carpentry may be required. Light fitting and upholstery may also be incorporated. Finishing requests like prints, upholstery, painted or even epoxy coated can be accommodated. The possibilities are endless!

For some retailers, their VM team or department may be located overseas. Thus shipping the structure or display would be costly, prone to damage and time consuming. At Jehm Studio, we adhere to the brand’s style guidelines. As our production team is located in Singapore, our fabrication process is thus more efficient and we exercise greater control over the quality of the pieces.

We are experienced in Luxury Visual Merchandising; Luxury Watches and Jewellery Displays. We also took part in various luxury event showcases and fabricate pop-up displays for retailers’ windows.

At Jehm Studio, we conceptualize, design, fabricate and install. We take time to explore new ideas, materials and innovative methodologies that would best represent your brand and product.

What we do?

  • Space Design & Conceptualization
  • Merchandise Display
  • Product Placement Planning & Styling
  • Pop-up exhibition/retail Booth
  • Props Design & Manufacturing
  • Boutique Styling

Recent Project

Jehm Studio is proud to be part of the team for the grand opening of Imperial Harvest Retail store.

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