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The benefits of Corporate Branding

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Why do customers choose one brand over another? With products offering more or less the same features and benefits, the only thing that would differentiate your product or service from your competitors’ is your brand.

Corporate branding is defined as the process of creating a favourable mental image in the minds of consumers whenever they think of your brand. If your brand could speak, what would it say about your brand? It is also a good sign if your brand can emotionally connect with your target audience.

The importance of corporate branding is undeniable as it brings about a multitude of benefits for your company. Branding increases the value of your brand for your stakeholders. In turn, they would be more inclined to invest more in your brand. Also, it keeps your firm focused on its objectives, enabling you to align your marketing plan with these objectives.

1. Market Research is very important!

Before embarking on your corporate branding journey, perform thorough market research and analysis on your industry. By doing so, you will have a better idea of the competition you are facing and how to tackle it better. With a sea of brands out there, how do you make an impression in the minds of your customers? Identify your competitive advantage, brand positioning and in turn develope a ideal marketing plan for your product or service. Ideally, your product should be one of its kind in the market so that it can distinctively stand out and generate sales for you.

2. Consistency, Consistency, and Consistency

Having a consistent brand identity is key to building a strong brand. What qualities do you want customers to associate with your brand? These qualities should be unique to your brand and compel customers to purchase your product. Once these qualities have been established, this “voice” should be reflected in the text and visuals of all your promotion collaterals.

Another way of ensuring consistency is to have a corporate and brand manual(style guide). This manual contains guidelines and templates to help you maintain a uniform look for all collaterals. It will state the colour schemes, layouts and fonts to be used. With a style guide to bind the look of your brand together, you will be able to present a unified brand image to your customers.

3. Keep it simple

Your brand is the “face” of your company. It represents your company graphically and anchors your brand. Thus it should be plastered everywhere and with consistency – on your product packaging, promotional collaterals, and website. Again, no brand identity or logo should differ from each other. Also, keep in mind that good brand design should be as simple as possible. A simple brand identity will always be easily recognised by customers and stakeholders.

While corporate branding is by no means an easy process, it is a must-have for every company as it will give your company a much-needed boost in its growth. Start your ideal corporate branding and create a strong identity for your company today!

Jehm Studio is a creative design agency based in Singapore which specialises in corporate branding. From market research to identity design and finally brand development, Jehm Studio has created many impactful brands with its proven methodology. We focus on intensive market research, creative brand strategies and finally execute superlative designs on print, web and products. Every aspect and process is done in-house to ensure that your vision is translated into a strong, lasting and memorable brand to your audience.

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